Painting People – Session 2 - Process and Abstraction

September 25th - Nov 6th 2019 Wednesdays 12-2pm US Mountain Time

6 week class – 2 hours each

9/25, 10/2, 10/9, 10/15 (note on Tuesday), 10/30, 11/6

No class on October 23rd 

This online live class is designed as an interactive and up close experience via the digital world into my studio. You will be able to ask questions, be right next to the canvas while I paint. Receive weekly assignments and individualized critique. Become part of an online artist community and learn from that continuum.

We will continue to learn how to incorporate people in your paintings. This session will focus on the ‘Process of Painting’ and teach the artist to shift their focus from an ‘end goal’ to more of a continuum whereby you are constantly working on and improving your painting process. Thereby learning to enjoy the painting process rather than the ‘finished’ outcome being the pursuit. If you are checked into the painting process, improving it, challenging yourself and enjoying it, your paintings will automatically get better.

As always, my goal is to challenge you and help you grow as an artist to grow, to be playful and push without fear and develop self critique.

Format of each class will be as follows: A pre-class chat session 20-30 minutes before start time. The session will begin with the week’s topic covered in a short lecture, followed by a show and tell using slides of paintings and drawings re-iterate the concept. A demo will then follow in each session. There will be Q&A available throughout the class. An assignment will be offered out at the end of the session. An online forum will be provided (via Facebook) for posting work to allow a weekly critique of the assignment. The class will be recorded and available online so that it can be viewed.

Week 1 – Understanding the Painting Process

Week 2 – Keying to a Value

Week 3 – Finding Inspiration

Week 4 – Improving Accuracy - Sight Size, Plumb Lines, Scale, Measuring, Horizon Line

Week 5 – Digital Techniques – Combining Images

Week 6 – Painting from Life and Summary

Once you have paid for the class, you will be automatically registered for the class. I will send instructions before the class starts to access it. If you have any questions, please email me.

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